ChatForte Projects

The ChatForte Agent project is a real world application using the ChatForte protocol. It is aimed at improving the online shopping experience for customers through collaboration. The agent provides two basic services, one to help 
in managing multiple customers simultaneously with limited resources, and the other in acting as a sophisticated customer representative for most of the customers unless a direct interaction is required.  This project is aimed at developing an open source package with essential features that can be used at no cost compared to other software packages that currently exist in the market.

The ChatForte Web project is a web interface for CFAgent for communicating through HTTP protocol. This is a very lightweight
interface that uses JavaScript push mechanism currently for supporting live chat.

ChatForte is an open source collaborative system. The system has a well-defined protocol that addresses many features missing in other collaborative systems.  The protocol uses active messaging concept which defines similar messages on the client and the server with the processing capability only on the server side. This opensource effort is aimed towards an extensible, scalable, robust and a unique architecture. The system is designed in 100% Java for cross-platform deployment.