ChatForte FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions about ChatForte

1. General Questions
     1.1 What is ChatForte?
     1.2 What is the history of ChatForte?
     1.3 What is the license used?
     1.4 How do I contribute to ChatForte?
     1.5 What are your future plans?
     1.6 Is ChatForte interoperable with other IMs?
     1.7 How is ChatForte different from an IM?
2. ChatForte Client Questions
     2.1 How do I install the client?
     2.2 Is there any help available?
     2.3 Is there any documentation on the client?
     2.4 Can I use ChatForte client with other IMs?
     2.5 What are the different clients that are available?

3. Security Questions
    3.1 What is Role Based Access Control?
    3.2 How are roles applicable in ChatForte?
    3.3 What are Security Filters?
    3.4 What are the different security filters that are available?
    3.5 How do I set policy as an administrator?
    3.6 How do I set policy as a chatmaster?
    3.7 What is the difference between a chatmaster and a chat administrator?

4. ChatForte Server Questions

5. CFAgent Questions
     5.1 What is CFAgent?
     5.2 Why CFAgent?
     5.3 How do I use CFAgent?
     5.4 I have some suggestions, how do I contact the group?

6. Messaging Questions
     6.1 What is active messaging?
     6.2 How is ChatForte protocol different from instant messaging?
     6.3 What do I do if I need to change the protocol or improve on it?
     6.4 Whom do I contact for technical support?