ChatForte People

Following are the people who participate in ChatForte development efforts. There are others whose personal information is currently unavailable and will be added soon.

Srilekha Ramanujam

Srilekha started her career as a computer systems engineer at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. She did her master's degree in computer science in the University Of Georgia, Athens.  Her interests and specialization are Internet/E-Commerce security (PKI, LDAP, XML security standards and firewalls), networking and messaging.  She has spent the past five years specializing in security at Lawrence Berkeley Labs and 8 years of development in C++ and 6 years of development in Java. Srilekha currently serves as the project admininstrator for ChatForte colloborative system. She is aimed at taking ChatForte into a new direction that is suitable for all worlds. Pictured with Srilekha is Nikhita, her lovely daughter.
Corey Shields

Corey's main interests have always included new communication methods (chatting, instant messaging, etc), Linux, and Desktop GUI's / usability. He has had years of Linux experience, and is now employed by Indiana University working for their Unix Systems Support Group, supporting Linux and IRIX issues, as well as working on new grid computing solutions (condor, globus, etc). Corey has been involved with Java for a couple of years now, mostly from college courses but now putting that to use with the ChatForte project. In the ChatForte project, Corey's main involvement is with the client/GUI portion.